Valuation Tools


Our Automated Valuation Model is a tool that produces real estate values. AVMs are designed to augment or replace traditional appraisal reports completed by professional appraisers. While some AVMs are used by popular websites, others are generated by internal systems used by valuation firms and financial institutions. AVMs can be useful tools to get a sense of the value of your real estate.


Our Automated Value Reconciliation tool provides the most accurate listing and sales value for the subject property, based upon the analysis of two or more valuation tools (i.e. appraisal, broker price opinion, or AVM). Just click to upload and in minutes the system will offer the reconciled value. The application works by breaking down, rebuilding and recording the entire sequence of data utilized in one or more valuation tools. This is done in a massively parallel fashion, completing the job in a matter of minutes. The technology improves the accuracy of evaluation of collateral, listing and selling real estate assets.  Instead of using manpower for checking the viability of over 18 different listing and sale comparable variations, the analyst has at his or her fingertips, the results of how each valuation tool provides positive and negative influences on the final value.