Real Estate Consulting


When we start discussing residential property consultation, it is important to know the client purpose and use of the property. A residential owner occupant of a single family or 2-4 unit property has a different need when compared to a small investor. The valuation of the residential property can be driven by a number of conditions that include buying and selling, loan purpose, settle legal issues, refinancing, market valuation, family law and so on. Engaging a consultant whose knowledge including but not limited to regional and local conditions is critical to the process. At Intiutive our 30 years of knowledge enhanced by today’s analytics helps a prospective home owner or investor make the most informed decision possible.


The importance of valuing the portfolio of a Lender, REIT or individual investor is critical. At Intuitive our valuation experts have the knowledge and experience to provide analytical data and information that will assist asset manager’s with risk management decisions in the areas of reserves as a well as regulatory requirements. Whether retail, commercial, residential income or industrial properties, we can assist by providing a detailed analysis of both positive and/or negative influences that may impact the collateral. A valuation of the portfolio by a third party provides the kind of transparency needed in this critical area of one’s investment.


Effective construction design review is critical for key stakeholders to validate the design-build process. When you’re bringing on a billion-dollar or even a multi-million-dollar project, you cannot afford to make a mistake. Today’s sophisticated construction especially LEED projects involve constructing buildings to exact specifications and installing and testing thousands of pieces of components. Managing these projects is a complex process with numerous tasks that need to be coordinated, while maintaining quality and building commissioning best practices in addition to proper documentation. Our systematic quality assurance commissioning software process verifies all the functional requirements of the owner are met and that the facility and its assemblies operate efficiently as per the project specifications. Cx is a very crucial part of the construction process since it integrates all the different systems, equipment and materials of a facility and makes sure they operate as designed.


When managing Affordable Housing Programs, Intuitive uses a document management platform that saves time and money by helping the entire process remain organized, and by utilizing a searchable database of all of the affordable housing information that can be accessed at a moment’s notice. Our simple and intuitive design makes the process flow easy, and the software is so easy to use that property managers as well as agency staff will have no problem using our platform everyday while improving productivity, and simplifying daily tasks. Data security is critical, therefore company takes a serious approach as exemplified while managing on a number of major contracts that required the secure management of thousands of files e.g. HUD 50,000, SBA Katrina Hurricane files.  When dealing with sensitive documentation secure document management software is especially important. Intuitive has full strength, bank-grade, encryption that guarantees the highest level of security.