Property Data


The Intuitive Title Product provides an accurate statement of ownership interests, liens, encumbrances and other interests in properties located throughout the US. This service can also provide Legal & Vesting information, Grant Deeds and Deeds of Trust.

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Whether you need property-centric data to populate your existing systems, fulfill a service or make an informed business decision, a Property Profile provides everything you need to get the job done. In addition to current ownership, property characteristics, mortgage and tax information, users also have access to transactional history dating back more than 20 years, providing a complete picture of the characteristics of each property including but not limited to – Property type  – APN and legal description – Square footage – Lot size – Bedroom & bathroom counts – Architectural features – Improvements and Census data.


Whether you need comparable sales for real estate applications, performing or verifying appraisals, originating loans or populating a website or portal, our Comparable Sales provides everything you need to help estimate the current value of a subject property. The specific criteria for comparable sales selection is determined by the client and the resulting comparable sales records including some or all of the following information, based on availability through public records – Property address – Distance from subject property – Living area square footage – Lot size – Transfer date, type and document number – Bedroom/bathroom counts – Year built  – Basements – Sale amount and recording date  and Ownership information.