You need it all, and you need it fast! The Intuitive Title Product provides an accurate statement of ownership interests, liens, encumbrances and other interests in properties located throughout the US. This service can also provide Legal & Vesting information, Grant Deeds and Deeds of Trust.


Meet Intuitive’s latest innovation in property preservation! Greencape prevents tagging and minimizes its associated financial and environmental costs. Improves ambiance through enhanced appearance and reduced reflected heat. Provides immediate, low-maintenance, long-term coverage that lasts. Learn more at and get a quote tomorrow. 

Intuitive Real Estate Solutions offers specialized services based on the latest technologies. Operating efficiencies demand companies to focus on functions and activities that are close to their core competence. This not only helps them to reap the benefits of economies of scale in those core functions but also improves their competitive positioning by outsourcing specialized services to a service provider like us.

At the end of the day, we increase productivity and reduce the operational cost, thereby benefiting margins. Intuitive is a recognized innovator and leading provider of technology solutions that help clients in the government and private sector achieve greater efficiencies and best practices that bring the greatest return on investments.

We provide highly dependable solutions that allow you to escape the burden of worrying about how your portfolio is being managed. The smallest inaccuracies can end up costing you thousands, or even millions of dollars in potential losses. That is why real estate professionals throughout the country have turned to Intuitive Real Estate Solutions, a trusted source for providing real estate related solutions.

At Intuitive Real Estate Solutions, we understand that every client has different needs and requirements and that your real estate service provider should work alongside you. We personally take the time to understand the challenges you are facing and work to find a solution that is right for you.


Whether you need property-centric data to populate your existing systems, fulfill a service or make an informed business decision, a Property Profile provides everything you need to get the job done. In addition to current ownership, property characteristics… 



Knowing the condition of an asset is important to protecting the investment of lenders, investors and the public alike. Our systematic email alerts keep all parties informed at each step of the process, our inspectors have access to mobile…



Our Automated Valuation Model is a tool that produces real estate values. AVMs are designed to augment or replace traditional appraisal reports completed by professional appraisers. While some AVMs are used by popular websites… 

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